Steinhoff Plaza is the two ways information channel within Steinhoff world wide, where the Steinhoff leadership and the Steinhoff people – the members of the Plaza – communicate sensible and enjoyable matters in a  safe way. See for more details of the set up of the Plaza.

In case you have questions about the use of Plaza, in case you have doubts whether a matter is worthwhile reporting, please consult the external trust person in our region (see xx overview of names/telephone numbers).

From the top

The Steinhoff management wishes to communicate with the Plaza visitors about:

  • The Steinhoff Manifest with the ambitions, goals, rules and codes
  • Matters that matter
  • Questions

From the staff

The Steinhoff staff wishes to communicate with the Plaza visitors about:

  • Information
  • Questions

Information bottom-up

The Plaza visitors can communicate with the Steinhoff Board, Management or Staff as well

There are different matters to report upon.

What would you like to do?

I want to communicate about:

I want to