Welcome to the DEMO Company reporting hotline

This is the reporting hotline of DEMO Company. This hotline offers anyone the opportunity to report misconduct or a breach of the DEMO Company Ethical Business Policy Statement.

Details of the report

In the free text field below you can give a description of the case you would like to report. Please provide as many details as possible, such as departments, locations, names of persons and organisations involved, dates and time, and a comprehensive description of the misconduct. The fields indicated with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.

Protection of identity

Your identity and your report will be treated confidentially. We also accept anonymous reports and escrow allegations.

Anonymous report: You may decide to remain anonymous and not disclose name or email-address below. It is perfectly possible to have anonymous contact with the Hotline Committee via the digital chatroom. This is explained further down in the procedure. Please select “Anonymous” below.

Hotline Committee – In the standard settings, your report will be sent to the “Hotline Committee”.

Supervisory Board – Should you wish to report outside the operational structure of your organization, please select “Supervisory Board” below.

Escrow allegation – If you are a victim of abuse of power or harassment, you may want to file your allegation in escrow. In that case we will inform the Hotline Committee only if two others have reported similar misconduct by the same offender. This allows you to report the allegation, while being reassured that it will be released only if accompanied by other corroborating allegations, thereby strengthening the odds of success of the claim. Please select “Allegation escrow” below.

Future contact

After you have submitted the report you receive a personal link and password, which you can print or download for future reference. With this link and password  you can log in to a secure chatroom that is fully dedicated to your disclosure. Your chatroom will show the progress of the handling of your disclosure. Furthermore, in your chatroom you can upload documents, and you can answer any questions that the Hotline Committee may have left there for you.

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